Application Procedures

                                           APPLICATION PROCEDURE

1. Online Application

1) Register/Sign in

Visit XIDIAN UNVIERSITY China International Student Service System

If you don’t have an account, you need to register a new account, follow the direction and fill out your personal information step by step.

If you already had an account, please sign in with your username and password.

2) Choose Online Application

You should start with the Online Application.

3) Choose your program

You should choose your program among: Chinese government scholarship, Inter-school exchange student and self-sponsored.

4) Choose your type

Choose your learning types among Ph.D. students, Master Degree Student, Undergraduate Student, Senior Visiting Student, General Visiting Student and Chinese Language Student.

5) Choose your Department, Major, and Teaching Language and fill in the Research Field (if any).

6) Choose Apply to start the online application

7) Fill out the required information.

Information required to fill out include Basic Information, Study Plan, Education and Employment, Additional Information, Contact Information.

8) Submit your Application and print out the electronic version.

Once you complete the application procedure, submit the application. Please also print out the electronic version of your online application which will be mailed to the School of International Education of Xidian Unviersity.

2.University Scholarship Applicants

Scholarship Applicants also need to file and mail the scholarship application form

3. Fill out Application Form

4. Prepare Application Documents (scan or photocopies)

Please prepare your application documents according to the requirements listed in the Admission Scheme.

5. Email Application Document

Email 1) electronic version of online application document, 2) application form and 3) required documents to the School of International Education. The email address of School of International Education is

6. Evaluation and Admission

Once all application documents being received, the School of International Education will collaborate with relevant schools or departments to review and evaluate all documents. The admission decision is made based on the applicant’s academic achievement and background.

There are three types of admission 1. Admission without any assessment 2. Admission with Interview 3. Admission with paper test and interview. The location of the interview and the details of the test will be informed to the applicants via email or phone call.

7. Admission Result and Admission Letter

The admission result will be posted to the website of the School of International Education. The admission letter and JW202 form will be mailed to the applicant.


Note: Applicant can also download the pdf version of application procedure.

附件【English version of application procedure.pdf