Application Questions

Appilcation Question

Q: I want to apply for Chinese Government Scholarship. What is the application requirement? What is the application procedure?

A: Please visit the website ofChinese Government Scholarship. Follow the directions to complete the application.

Q: What is the deadline of applying for Chinese Government Scholarship?

A: The end of the March

Q: I am an international student and currently I live in China. Can I apply for Chinese Government Scholarship?

A: Yes, you can. However, the chance for you to get the scholarship is not high since Chinese Scholarship mainly services international students abroad.

Q: I want to apply to Xidian University. What should I do?

A: Please find more details in theApplication Procedurefrom the webpage of School of International Education.

Q: I have not learnt Chinese Language before. Can I apply to master program at Xidian University?

A: If you want to apply to the program taught in Chinese, you should provide HSK test result. The minimum requirement is level 4. If you are not able to provide the certification of Chinese language proficiency or equivalence, you can apply for the Chinese language program first.

Q: I want to apply to the Doctoral program. Do I need to find a professor?

A: You can contact your prospective professor and obtain the acceptance letter by yourself . If you don’t have intented professor, you could also wait for our school to assign you a professor to study with.

Q: I want to apply to the Doctoral program. Where should I find the professor?

A: Find your prospective professor at

Q: Who should I contact with if I have additional questions?

A: You can contact us via the email; or call us : +86-29-81891161

Q: Do I need to pay application fee? How should I pay for the admission fee?

A: Yes. All applicants must pay the application fee (RMB 600) before application finished. Note the purpose of payment (registration fee), student name, passport number and nationality on the remittance slip. The remittance voucher or bank receipt will be uploaded as an attachment when applying online, otherwise the applicant's information will not be accepted. The application fee is non-refundable no matter the applicant is ultimately accepted or not. Please refer to the remittance information