Exchange Program

Exchange Programs
Exchange student programs are a great way to enhancement of international communication and cooperation. The Xidian University has exchange agreements with universities all over the world and offers a wide range of courses for exchange students. Exchange students who come to Xidian university typically attend the university for periods of 6 to 12 months and return to their home university at the end of the exchange period, and . These exchange Courses give students a taste of what studying in Xidian University is like. Upon successful completion, a student will receive a credit form Xidian University。
Some of the programs are listed below:
1. Short-term Exchange Program for undergraduate students.
2. Academic Exchange Program for postgraduate students or doctoral students.
3. Short-term Exchange Program of Chinese language and culture.
4. Summer /Winter Camp.
Courses are offered by different schools of Xidian University:
1. Telecommunication Engineering
2. Electronic Information Engineering
3. Computer Science and Technology
4. Business Administration.