Undergraduate Education

No. Course
1 Telecommunication Engineering※
2 Information Engineering
3 Space Information Science and Digital Technology
4 Electronic and Information Engineering※
5 Intelligence Science and Technology
6 Remote Sensing Science and Technology
7 Computer Science and Technology※
8 Mechatronics Engineering※
9 Network Engineering
10 Internet of Things
11 Electrical Engineering and Automation
12 Automation
13 Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation
14 Industrial Design
15 Test and Measurement Technology and Instruments
16 Applied Physics
17 Photoelectric Information Science
and Engineering
18 Electronic Science and Technology
19 Electronic Information Science and Technology
20 Finance
21 Information Management and Information Systems
22 Industrial Engineering
23 Industrial and Business Management※
24 Marketing
25 Human Resources Management
26 E-commerce
27 Labour and Social Security
28 Administration Management
29 Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
30 Information and Computing Science
31 Statistics
32 Recording Art
33 Philosophy
34 Chinese Language and Literature
35 English
36 Japanese
37 Translation
38 Software Engineering
39 Microelectronic science and Engineering
40 Integrated Circuits Design and Integrated System
41 Biotechnology
42 Biomedical Engineering
43 Aerospace Science and Technology
44 Navigation, Guidance and Control Technology
45 Applied Chemistry
46 Materials Science and Engineering
Note: Majors with ※  Can Run in English

Electrical and Information Engineering

Major courses

About the Circuit and Systems: Foundation of Circuit Analysis, Foundation of Analog Circuit, Digital Circuits and Logic Design. 
About the Signal and Information Processing: Signal and System, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing, Radar Principle
About the Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems: Management Information System and Multimedia Technology, Software Technique Foundation, Principle of Automatic Control
The characteristic course of this specialty includes some major basic courses including Digital Circuits and Logic Design, Foundation of Circuit Analysis, Digital Signal Processing, Principle of Automatic Control and other, and some specialized courses including Radar Principle and Digital Image Processing. 
Telecommunication Engineering

Main Courses

Foundation of Circuit Analysis                          Signal and Systems
Foundation of Analog Circuit                            Digital Circuits and Logic Design
High-Frequency Electronic Circuit                    Informatics & Coding
Digital Signal Processing Computer                 Wireless Communication
Computer Communication Network                Principles of Communications 
Microcomputer Principle and System Desig
Computer Science and Technology

Major Courses

About the Computer Software: Basic of Program Designing, Data Structure and Algorithm Design, Operating System, Principles of Database, Software Engineering
About the Computer System and Structure: Operating System, Computer Architecture, Digital Signal Processing, Computer Networks
The characteristic course of this specialty includes the following: Data Structure and Algorithm Design, Operating System, Principles of Database, Computer Architecture, Computer Networks.
Business Administration
Major Courses: 
Managerial Economics, Macroeconomics, Management, Accounting, Statistics, Organizational Behaviour, Marketing, Operations Management, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Strategic Management, Management Information Systems.
The Characteristic Courses: 
Marketing, Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Strategic Management, Statistics, ERP Experiment (business practical exercise).