Scholarship for Outstanding International Students

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Scholarship for Outstanding International Students

In order to expand the influence of the Chinese Government Scholarship, support talented international students, CSC has set up “Scholarship for Outstanding International Students 2017/2018” to encourage international students to study diligently and promote their overall development.

Award Standard

Undergraduate studentsScholarship award amount is RMB 18,000/ person for one-time reward during an academic year.

Graduate students: Scholarship award amount is RMB 30,000/ person for one-time reward during an academic year.

Award coverage

It is open to the international students who are the undergraduate and postgraduate students in the second year or higher grade, except those who will graduate this year, both self-paying and scholarship students can apply.


1) Excellent academic performance, with strong learning and research ability.

2) Friendly attitude towards China, outstanding performance in China.

3) Abide by the law, be in good physical and mental health condition, comprehensive development.

4) Actively participate in various cultural and sports activities or social practice activities; the prominent deeds are preferred.

5) Under the same conditions, the students are suffered by economic difficulties are preferred.

Application Documents Requirements

1) Complete the online application procedure at CSC Online Application System for International Students Choose the category C; Agency Number of SISU is 10701; Study duration is from September 1, 2017 to July 15, 2018.

2) Print a hard copy of the online application form for “Chinese Government Scholarship” and sign it out;

3) Photocopy of valid student ID;

4) Photocopy of Academic Transcripts of 2016/2017 academic year;

5) Recommendation letter from the teacher or a teacher in charge of a class teacher, including the status of the applicant during the course of study, the scientific research achievement, the evaluation and appraisal status, the participation in the cultural and sports activities, the social practice activities and the overall performance in China. In addition to the recommendation letter, you can attach a photocopy of the certificate of all these activities;

6) Students should provide the retrieval prove of the article(you can ask help in the second floor of our library ) or prove of published monograph.If you need anymore useful help,please contact with your supervisor;

7) Other certificates of Awards.

Application deadline

1) Application deadline: June 23, 2017.

2) Mailing address: Office 105