Huashan Scholarships

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The Standard of Scholarships:

1. Distinguished scholarship

● Exempt from tuition and provides free on-campus accommodation;

● A living allowance at the following rates,

Master’s students & general scholars: CNY 1,000/per month;

Doctoral students & senior scholars: CNY 1,200/per month.

2. Outstanding scholarship

● Exempt from tuition,

3. Excellent Scholarship

● Exempt from partial tuition.

Eligibility Requirements:

1.Applicants should have a competitive academic performance.

2.Applicant is not a recipient of any other scholarships at the time of application.

Application Deadline:July 15th

The Application Procedure:

1. Candidates can ask an application form from School of International Education (SIE), or download it in SIE website.(

2. Candidates should submit filled application form, passport photocopy and related educational background proof to SIE. ( See details in )