Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools

Program lntroduction

Since the establishment of the International Cultural Exchange Center in 1997, our school has begun to recruit and train international students in China. Since 2006, the development focus of the education of international students in China has shifted from Chinese training to professional teaching, and has expanded from Chinese to Chinese and English. In order to further promote the education of international students in China, the school established the International Education College in October 2008, which is fully responsible for the education of international students in China and Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools.

Program Feature

In terms of Sino-foreign cooperative education, the college has undertaken the application and management of Sino-foreign cooperative education since 2013. At the end of 2013, the first Sino-foreign cooperative education project of our school - Xidian University and the Polytechnic Institute of Nantes University in France jointly organized the undergraduate education project of electronic information engineering, which was approved by the Ministry of Education. The project can start recruiting students from 2014 and is included in the national general higher education enrollment plan, with an annual enrollment of 100 students. On this basis, the college continues to develop, actively seeks to cooperate with international high-level institutions to run schools, introduces foreign high-quality education and teaching resources, promotes school education and teaching reform and international talent training, and improves the school's openness and international education level.

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