Xidian University has been assigning professional teaching and training of international students in China to backbone teachers in various majors and courses fully delivered in English to teachers that have studied abroad as students or visiting scholars for more than one year in consideration of rules about international student training and management, language challenges faced by international students, and its current teacher selection rules. Consequently, Xidian has seen more than a hundred teachers from twelve schools devoted themselves to education and teaching of international students in China.
Xidian University attaches great importance to the construction of the tutorial staff for high-level foreign students. The master and doctor level foreign students are equipped with tutors including professional deans, directors of key laboratories, Specially-appointed Professors, discipline and academic leaders, etc. These tutors has profound professional accumulation, high academic level and the foreign language level with strong research abilities and rich guiding experiences, and they play a significant role in the cultivation of high level foreign students in China.
Foreign language training center of the Institute of International Education, establishing a teaching staff among which are mainly senior professors in both rich teaching experiences and deep accumulation of professional knowledge taught in Chinese, with 6 full-time Chinese teachers and 10 part-time Chinese teachers, is responsible for all kinds of Chinese teaching, and teaching for Chinese culture and general situation of China.