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Notice on Application for 2020 Chinese Government Scholarship Programs for Study in China



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1.Admissions Category:

Undergraduate students, Master’s students, Doctoral students, General Scholars, Senior Scholars.

2.Ways of Application:

Type A: Apply to the dispatching department or the Chinese Embassy in the country (Consulate General). Applicants could contact Xidian University, and the pre-admission notice will be issued for qualified applicants. After obtaine the scholarship qualification, China Scholarship Council will inform the school of direct admission according to the Pre-admission Letter. Please refer to the relevant dispatching department for the admission category, application time and application methods.

Type B:Chinese UniversityProgram. Apply directly to Xidian University only for master's and doctoral candidates.

*For application through Type B, please contact our university directly and do not consult through intermediary agent to avoid being cheated.

3.Admission Majors

Type A: All majors in Xidian University areeligible for application. Please refer to appendix 1 for the catalogue of majors.

Type B:Majors eligible for master's and doctoral candidates include Information and Telecommunications Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Communication Engineering.

4.Study Language

Scholarship students can be taught in Chinese or English.

Forscholarship students who apply for the Chinese taught programs, the Chinese proficiency shall have attained HSK level 4and above.If the Chinese proficiency does not meet the requirements for admission to the program, students will be required to take a one-year Chinese preparatory study, and pass the examinationbefore entering the major.

For scholarship students who apply for the English taught programs, the English proficiency level shall have attained IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL 75 and above, or the equivalent level of English required by his/her own country.

5.Scholarship Content and Standard

(1)The length of study for undergraduate students is 4 years, for master’s and doctoral students are 3 years and 4 years respectively, for Chinese language students, general scholars, senior scholars are 1 year. The scholarship covers the period of study specified in the Admission Letter. In principle, the scholarship shall not be extended after coming to China.

(2)The scholarship includes tuition waiver, accommodation, stipend, and comprehensive medical insurance.

(3)Through the application of Type A, some countries provide international travel expenses. Please check with the relevant dispatching department; as for Type B, international travel is at your own cost.

(4)The stipend of scholarship students are paid monthly. The standardof stipendfor doctoral students/senior scholar is RMB 3500/person/month, the standard for master’s students/general scholar is RMB 3000/person/month, and the standard for undergraduate students is RMB 2500 /person/month.

6.Applicant Requirements

(1)Applicants should be foreigners who abide by Chinese laws and regulations anduniversitydisciplines, have good moral character and respect Chinese culture and habits.

(2)Applicants for undergraduate program must be a high school graduateand no more than 25 years old.

(3)Applicants for master's program must be a bachelor’s degree holder and no more than 35 years old, and be recommended by two professors or associate professors.

(4)Applicants for doctoral program must be a master’s degree holder and no more than 40 years old, and be recommended by two professors or associate professors.

(5)Applicants for general scholar program must be at least a high school graduate and no more than 45 years old.

(6)Applicants for senior scholar program must be at least a master's degree holder or an associate professor and no more than 50 years old.

(7)Applicants must not have received anyother scholarships from the Chinese government.


*The above are the basic requirements of the applicants. Due to the limited number of scholarship places, a comprehensive assessment would be made based on the materials provided by the applicants and other forms of assessment.


7.Application Procedure

    Apply through Type A:Applicants shouldcomplete the online application procedure at Chinese Government Scholarship Information Management System for International Students (http://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn), submit online the completedApplication Form for Chinese Government Scholarship. Please select "study program Type A", and the Agency Number can be consulted and obtained from the dispatching authorities for overseas study of applicant’s home country. If the applicant needs to obtain the Pre-admission Letter of Xidian university, a personal account should be registered atthe Online Application System for International Students of Xidian university (https://xidian.17gz.org), complete the online application procedure and inform the university via email after submission.

    Apply through Type B: Applicants should complete the online application procedure at bothChinese Government Scholarship Information Management System for International Students (http://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn) and Online Application System for International Students of Xidian university (https://xidian.17gz.org). Please select "study program Type B"at theChinese Government Scholarship Information Management System for International Students. The Agent Number of Xidian university is 10701.

    *If the AgentNumberis incorrect, the application will not be accepted.

    8.Application Materials (all materials should be provided in English or Chinese)

      1. Highest education certificate. (as for student applicant, study certificate issued by school is needed, as for applicants who are already employed should also submit the certificate of employment issued by the employer).

      2. Transcriptof academic record.

      3. Applicants for Chinese taught program shall submit a copy of HSK certificate (it is ok if applicants don’t have). Applicants for English taught program shall submit your IELTS or TOEFL certificate (native English speakers are not required).

      4. Physical Examination Record for Foreigner(see Appendix 2. Please bring the original copy when comes to China).

      5. Study plan in China with no less than 800 words.

      6. For master's and doctoralprogram, two letters of recommendation from professors or associate professors are required.

      7. A scan of the applicant's valid passport.

      8. CV (personal resume)

      9. Please attach a list of published papers (including the title of the paper, the name of the publication, publication time and other information).

      10. If the applicant has outstanding talent or has received significant awards, please attach the relevant certificates or works.

      11. Non-criminal record. The original copy and the Chinese translation copy stamped by the official certification institute or translation agency are required.

    *The above application materials should be submitted through the online registration system of China scholarship council and the online application system of international students of Xidian university, paper version is not needed.


    *For Master's and Doctoral program applicants, it is recommended to contact the supervisor of Xidian university in advance and provide Conditional Acceptance letter of Xidian University as one of application documents. So that we can give priority of designating supervisor to students who meet the admission requirements.


    9.Application Deadline:March 31, 2020

    10.Beginningof the Academic Year:September 2020


    Office of Admission and Quality Assurance of Xidian University

    E-mail: sie@xidian.edu.cn

    Website: sie.xidian.edu.cn