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Recruitment Announcement of PhD Position in Experimental Radio Astronomy



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Institute: Key Laboratory of Antenna and Microwave Technology, Xidian University. China.

Research Topic: Design of antenna and RF system for radio detection of extensive air showers, RF chain simulation, and received signal analysis

Number of Recruitment: One international doctoral student

Description: Extensive air showers in the atmosphere, induced by the high-energy cosmic rays or neutrinos, can be measured with antennas operating in the frequency range of 30MHz-1.5GHz, especially in the frequency band of 50MHz-200MHz. This radio detection technique has attracted tremendous interesting and made great progress over the past 20 years, which allows us to research neutrinos and cosmic rays at higher energies level not accessible to other detection methods. However, for the ultra-high particle energies detection, giant array is demanded to provide large receive aperture, which leads to great challenge to the design of antenna and RF system with low cost, high efficiency, stable and self power supply capability, etc. A complete analysis of the received signal based on RF chain simulation is also required to show how the signal is formed and reveal the astroparticle physics research value behind it. You, working together closely with researchers at Key Laboratory of Antenna and Microwave Technology as part of an international team, will be devising antenna and RF system design and calibration based on the detailed understanding of radio signal detection principle of particle showers in the atmosphere, then RF chain simulation and received signal analysis combine with the newest developments in air shower simulation and data processing method. The design and research results will be used in the GRAND-Proto and its final version of GRAND project.

The positions will be based at Key Laboratory of Antenna and Microwave Technology in Xidian University, one of the leading institutes in antenna design and electromagnetic research fields. The candidate will receive graduate training at the School of Electric Engineering (SEE) of Xidian University and will profit from being embedded in a large group of students and scientists working on a variety of astroparticle physics experiments, including GRAND. The positions are time-limited to four years. The preferred starting date of this program is 1stSeptember, 2022.

Application Qualification: The successful candidate must hold a Bachelor’s or Master's degree in related major with very good results and have good English language skills. Previous experience in antenna and RF system design, radio astronomy and scientific computing (e.g. Python and MATLAB skills) and Chinese language skills are preferred.

Application Period: From 16th February 2022 to 15th June 2022

Application Process: Please prepare a cover letter, curriculum vitae, Bachelor's and Master's degree academic transcripts (please indicate grading system if not evident) , and at least two recommendation letters in one PDF file (size <30 MB),and send it to zhangpf@mail.xidian.edu.cn.For further information, please contact Dr. Pengfei Zhang via above email or phone number (+86 13572230856).

International doctoral candidate can obtain the Letter of Acceptance issued by the institute after successful application, and then complete the online application according to the application process of 2022 Xidian graduate program for international students. For details, please see:


*The research group welcomes domestic students to apply for master's and doctor's degrees all year round.