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Regulations on Dormitory Management



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        1. Students should comply with daily dormitory schedule worked out by the university.
        2. Students should live in designated rooms. Moving at will or forcible occupying other rooms is not allowed. Before moving in, students should pay the deposit, check the items in the room and sign the lodging contract.
        3. Two students are required to share one room. If there is vacancy, the student who occupies the room should share the room with another student. If he/she refuses the arrangement, he/she will be fined. Those who want single rooms should apply in a written request ahead. If there are empty rooms, they can move in after being permitted and paying the fee.
        4. Male and female students without formal marriage relation are not allowed to live together in one room.  
        5. Students should not accommodate other people including those who living off the campus. If family members or relatives come to visit and want to stay here, the students should first get permission from the administrative office, pay for room and then check in. Otherwise, the residence will be regarded as illegal and the students will be punished.
        6. Students should guard against burglaries and fires. Those who go out with large articles should register at the duty office.
        7. Those who are no longer the students of the university should leave the university at the required time. Otherwise, the university will take back their rooms and deal with the articles left in the rooms.  
        8. New students should live in the university dormitories for one year because they have to familiarize with the environment and local language. If applying for living off the campus, they should first get permission from the administrative office, then go to the Public Security Bureau to register change of resident address, pay up the fees, return the keys of the room, and then move out.
        9. Students should clean their rooms and keep the surroundings clean. They should not pour water and throw rubbish from windows. They should not put leftovers into basins or toilets. And they should not stack articles in corridors. Sanitary inspection will be made regularly and corrective suggestion will be given to the dormitories not up to standard. The dormitories which fail to pass the inspection twice will be given a penalty of RMB 20 Yuan for one person. The dormitories with terrible surroundings will be given a penalty of RMB 20-50 Yuan for one person. The students who refuse to improve their surroundings will be given warning.
        10. Students can change their beddings at the required time. They should not keep pets in rooms.
        11. Students should keep quiet in dormitories. They should not disturb others, for example, dance, make loud noise or play music loudly.
        12. All the facilities and items in the dormitories are for the residents’ use only and should not be contaminated, damaged, dismantled, broken or removed from the dormitories; otherwise, students have to pay for them. If there is something for reparation, students should fill in the reparation form and inform the staff.
        13. Students should not conduct activities that are against the regulations of the university in the dormitories. The rooms are not allowed to sublet or transferred.
        14. Students who have bicycles should park them at designated places.
        15. Students should not scribble or put up posters on walls. Posters, publicity materials are not allowed to be distributed, posted or exhibited on campus. Movies or videos are not allowed to be played in public places without permission.
        16. Students should not change locks of the doors and duplicate keys by themselves. They should lock doors and close windows when going out. They should keep certificates, valuables carefully and save cash in banks. If burglaries occur, they should keep scenes and immediately inform the staff on duty.
        17. Students should save water and electricity. When electrical and water systems fail, they should turn off all taps and switches so as to avoid accidents.
        18. To guarantee safety, electrical heaters, stoves and cookers should not be used except at required places.
        19. All electrical appliances should be turned off when students leave the university for a long time.
        20. The gates of dormitory buildings are locked at 23:00. Students should be back before that time.
        21. Disorderly conducts in dormitory buildings, such as shouting, fighting, creating disturbance after drinking, gambling, drug taking and trafficking, and so on are strictly prohibited.
        22. Students should observe regulations on dormitory administration. The administrators and students have right to criticize and report those who break regulations. Those who refuse the administration and make trouble willfully will get punishments such as notice of criticism or warning in the light of the seriousness of their cases.
        23. If losing the keys, students should compensate according to the costs. Those who need to change locks will have to pay.
        24. Students who want to put up posters or notices should get permission from the School of International Education and put them up at designated places.