​Apply or Extend Residence Permit


Step 1Please check your visa page. You should apply for Residence Permit within 30 days after entering China.


Step 215 days before the expiration of the visa, bring the following paper materials to the office to collect the Residence Permit Application Form.

1. 2寸近期免冠照片2

2-inch Bareheaded Photos *2

2. 护照原件及复印件

Passport and Passport Copy

3. 签证原件及复印件

Visa and Visa Copy

4. 学费缴费回执单

Receipt of Payment for Tuition

5. 校内住宿学生:提供住宿缴费回执单

On-campus studentsReceipt of Payment for Dormitory


Off-campus studentsRegistration Form of Temporary Accommodation issued by local police station

6. 保险电子发票复印件

Insurance Invoice Copy

7. 入学通知书复印件

Admission Notice Copy

8. 外国人健康证明原件

Original Health Certificate

u 办公室地址:北校区5号楼107

OfficeNo.107, Building 5, North Campus

电话Tel: 029-88202811


Step 3Bring the materials to the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau to apply for Residence Permit.

u 地址:西安市公安局出入境管理局2层,科技路2号(太白南路地铁口C1

Address: 2nd Floor, Exit-Entry Administration Bureau, Xian Public Security Bureau, No.2 Keji Road (Taibai South Road Subway Station C1)

电话Tel: 029-86755622

办公时间Office Hour9:00-17:00(周一至周五, Monday to Friday