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The Department/School of International Education mainly undertakes affairs in four aspects: International students study in China, Chinese students study abroad, Chinese-Foreign cooperation in running schools and Confucius Institute. It has three offices:

The Office of Partner Relations is responsible for the promotion and supervision of Chinese-Foreign cooperative education programs and institutions, the development and management of students' international exchange programs, the expansion and management of Confucius Institutes, and the operation of students' international brand programs.

The Office of Admission and Quality Assurance is responsible for the admission and education management of all types of international students, the application and management of Chinese-Foreign cultural exchange programs and cooperation programs between Xidian University and ministries, and the contact and expansion of university-enterprise cooperation programs.

The Office of International Students and Scholar Services is responsible for the management and service of all kinds of international students, including daily management, laws and regulations education, national conditions education, various scholarship evaluation, apartment management, residence formalities, contact with relevant departments inside and outside the university, epidemic prevention and control, emergency handling and other affairs.